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General information
Mission and objectives

General information

The project represents innovation in the sphere of electronic finances and information technologies. The essence of the project in creation of the World bank of electronic finance (digital currencies and assets), their integration into the world economy, creation with their help economy of XXI century. This is an author’s project based on the idea of replacing physical carriers of financial resources with more modern electronic (digital) counterparts - electronic financial resources ("EFR"). At the same time, the format of digital data and methods of its processing constitute the author’s know-how and are not related to "Blockchain" technology, cryptocurrencies and other similar technologies. The author believes that the technology he proposes is the most flexible, versatile, fast and environmentally friendly in the world and has no analogues.

This technology, at a minimum, allows:

  • Emit and service different levels of electronic currencies and assets: global, international, state, commercial, private and others;
  • Reliably protect electronic payment systems from hacking and illegal use;
  • Define access parameters, purpose, terms of use, other rules, parameters and criteria for the use of EFR;
  • Carry out a wide range of financial transactions not available to other types of funds and resources;
  • To create and maintain intelligent EFRs capable of increasing their value independently;
  • Create and maintain EFR for augmented and virtual reality systems;
  • Significantly reduce the overhead costs of issuing and maintaining financial resources;
  • Use centralised, distributed and other methods of information interaction.

The introduction of this technology, in the author’s opinion, will make financial services more accessible, faster, higher quality, more reliable; and the world economic model itself more flexible, secure, efficient and effective, corresponding to the standards of the XXI century.

Mission and objectives

TThe mission of the project is to create a better model for the world economy, which is necessary to build a stable global financial system, overcome poverty and provide global, public and personal financial well-being, the transition of society to the standards of living of the XXI century.

The aims of the project are to realise its mission on the basis of EFR technology proposed by the author, as well as advanced financial instruments based on this technology.


The emergence and development of electronic media for financial information is creating new market segments for financial services and opening up a host of new opportunities in different sectors of the economy, thus contributing to a new global economic model that is more flexible, secure, efficient and effective than the model of the outgoing industrial age. Electronic Financial Resources (EFR) will be one of the main components of the new stage of modern society development. Creating a reliable and user-friendly toolkit for the handling of EPRs is a priority of the World e-finances Bank project.


The project includes programmes for mutually beneficial cooperation with international, governmental, commercial, public and private organisations. Further information can be found in the Cooperation section, on the project forum, or by writing to the author of the project via the feedback form in the Contact Us section

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